If you’re a business owner, handling your own digital marketing can become laborious and stressful.  On any normal day, you might find yourself tweeting, posting, providing customer service, trying to create unique content, blogging, recording video, researching social media trends…The list goes on.

Managing all of this while still keeping up with your day-to-day business demands is no small feat!

When it comes to social media, there’s A LOT to pay attention to, especially when you’re spearheading your own social media strategy (I can help you with that here!). Or maybe you’re hesitant to jump into social media management because there’s simply just too much to do (I can help you with that, too!)…

If you’re caught between not having time to jump into social media – but also understanding of how important it is to your business – there’s one thing that you absolutely, no matter what, must make a priority:


Listening is the most important action you can take, no matter how much effort you’re dedicating to social media. When you listen, you learn what users are saying about your business. You learn what customers and clients are saying about your products. You’ll be able to gauge the emotional sentiment of your consumers towards your business. And, as a bonus, you can follow other accounts in your industry to learn more about what they’re working on to stay ahead of the curve and above the competition.

Social Media is first and foremost a listening tool; don’t be afraid to use it as such.  Sign up for Twitter or Instagram so that you can own your digital reputation.  Even if you don’t post, it allows you to search your brand or business to see if you’re being mentioned.  Listening and monitoring for insights, sentiments and data may help you to discover important information about your customers, business or products helping you to become a better business owner and increase your awareness of your business overall.