Success on social media starts long before you sign your business up for it’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profile.  It even starts long before you create your logo or your tagline.  It starts long before you even set up your website!

Success on social media can only be achieved when you actually define what success means from using these channels.  In other words, the best social media marketing strategy begins with your goals…or, at least having an idea of what you’d like to gain from the time you’ll be investing in social media marketing.

When you don’t have an idea of what results you’d like to drive or see from your social media investment, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by keeping your profiles ‘active’.  You might start creating content simply to keep your business pages ‘alive’ but with no real direction or thought behind them it becomes increasingly difficult to keep this process going.  Starting with a goal allows you to plan, create and execute your content thoughtfully because it all ties back to the results you want to see.

Whether your goals are to drive traffic to your website, generate leads, increase brand awareness and start with your goals first.  Begin with the end.  You’ll be surprised how easy your content and messaging will follow!