Confession: I listen to Christmas music year round.

Yes, I’m serious.  Yes, even after Christmas. Yes, even in the dead heat of August.

It all started my freshman year of college, in the midst of finals.  Myself and my Dell laptop were seated among the rows of very old science journals at one of the many libraries at Syracuse University.  I was supposed to be studying, but instead, I had embarked on an epic search for the best ‘studying music’ (a genre that, today, is apparently extremely popular…just call me a #trendsetter).  A trillion Google searches later, I finally stumbled upon Live365, an old internet radio station website where amateur broadcasters could create their own radio station and create an ongoing, repeating playlist of their favorite songs.  I browsed the list of stations, hoping something would pop out at me…

And then, I saw it: A ‘Christmas Remixed’ station that was set up by a user who fittingly named himself ‘Yellow Snowman’.  Immediately I knew I’d found what I’d been looking for.

Who knew there were hotel lounge-esque holiday songs?!  Cool new covers of classic carols?  Seasoned sung greetings relaxed and then redressed in their holiday best.  ::cue Alleluia in the background:: (That still counts as a Christmas song, right?)   It brought the term ‘chill music’ to a whole new level.

So, since 2005 (which definitely just triggered a troubling thought that goes something like ‘holy-cow-that’s-13-years-what-have-I-been-doing-with-my-life-besides-searching-for-Christmas-remixes?!?!?!), I’ve been on a search to compile the ultimate list of remixed Christmas music which, thankfully, has grown in popularity with each passing year (in fact, this year I found trap Christmas music…Come. At. Me. Bro.).

I’ve attached my personal list of favorites in a Spotify playlist below.  It starts off slow for background dinner music and then picks up for the post-Christmas dinner dance party!

Oh, you don’t have a post-Xmas dinner dance party?

You will now…

You’re welcome.

Have a listen and prepare yourself for ‘Anything But A ‘Silent Night’ 😉 !

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