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Started in January 2017, DeskGlam was a subscription box catered to finding the best, most creative and inspiring workspace items sent out monthly to subscribers across the country. After an initial testing of the idea and building an email list of prospective subscribers to an impressive 1000 in just 4 weeks, I self marketed and promoted DeskGlam to it’s height of 200 subscribers in a short time span of 2 months.

From ideation, to design of the boxes, to designing and coding the website, to sourcing product, to marketing and customer service to current subscribers, I owned and operated every part of the process taking DeskGlam from just an idea to an actual product in the span of 2 short months.

When DeskGlam just started, my goal was to create a mechanism for building brand awareness of this new project.  One of the first ideas I had was to create a ‘DeskGlam Social Media Rep Search’ which included sharing a picture of our unique pink box to an Instagram or Facebook user’s personal Instagram combined with using a specific hashtag, tagging us in the photo and giving us a reason why they should be picked as DeskGlam’s Social Media Rep.  This initiative singlehandedly increased our following to 5,000 subscribers from a mere 300 when we started.

The content was all created via in-house studio and I created, photographed and edited all content myself.

Additionally, I created the design of the boxes and contacting sellers on etsy to partner with to include unique office and workspace related items in our boxes.  I also worked with various YouTubers and Bloggers for grassroots marketing exposure and giveaways, utilizing their audiences to increase sales, word of mouth marketing and overall brand awareness.


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December 17, 2017

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